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skyfire solar designSolar, design, and efficiency are at the core of who we are. Since 2013, Skyfire Solar Design has been dedicated to improving the site survey, design & engineering, and permitting process through automation. Reducing soft costs has been a major challenge for solar installation companies. We know that an inaccurate design can waste resources, decrease your margins, increased lead times, and leave your customers frustrated. Our proprietary solar design & engineering system allows our team to execute on your projects with speed and accuracy, allowing us to apply our collective experience efficiently on every task of your solar project.

The team at Skyfire has designed and permitted thousands of residential and commercial solar projects throughout the United States. Each member of our team has years of experience in solar, so you know your projects are in good hands. We work closely with Jurisdictions and Utilities to ensure your plans are designed and engineered to applicable codes and requirements. Whether it's mechanical, structural, electrical, or other questions surrounding solar, we can assist you with the right answers.

Whether it’s a 3 kW system for a beach house in California or a 3 MW ground mounted system in North Carolina, we take every detail into consideration when designing your system for maximum cost savings, optimal performance, and fast permitting. We pay extra attention to the details that matter most... and most others miss!

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Pitched Roofs

Each of our team members have years of experience in solar installations. We adhere to best practices and applicable code requirements. We take the extra steps to ensure your designs are completed accurately and to your jurisdiction requirements.

Whatever the roofing type or structure, we know how to integrate your solar system on to any pitched roof.

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Flat Roofs

Box trusses, TJI, metal purlins, deflection, bending moment, commercial fire setbacks... Are these important details being paid attention to before installation? Our proprietary design process will address these details, and more!


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Ground Mounts

Trenching, Footing Depths, Pipe Spans, Equipment Placement, inter row spacing, property setbacks, cost... There are lots of details to consider with ground mount solar systems.

Residential, Commercial, or Industrial applications. Our team can help get your solar projects shovel ready.

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Solar Carports

Solar Carports are a great way to provide shade and produce energy. Popular with schools, hospitals, and other commercial real estate properties. If it's a solar carport, we got you covered!

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If you are looking to avoid roof penetrations, ballast systems are a viable alternative if the structure can support the additional weight. We'll look into these details and more on your ballasted solar projects.

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Custom Projects

Our team consists of professionals with strong engineering, construction, architectural, and project management backgrounds. We can custom design those special projects that need the right creative approach.


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Skyfire Solar Design creates permit ready plan sets and engineering for solar projects anywhere in the U.S. Let us know about your commercial or residential plan set needs and we will help get your project permitted quickly and efficiently.

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